&are you;C’mo cut jam’n?

What would our christmases without tasting some delicious slices of jamón serrano or iberian ham on our table? In many cases it is not known what is the best way to cut the ham, today we get to do this.

Previous recommendations

Like everything in life, it takes practice to get to do a few cuts of ham or shoulder perfect, but little by little.

In first place we have to condition the area so that you choose a site where you have enough space, you have light and you can cut comfortably the ham.

You need to have the appropriate utensils such as a knife being sharpened and a support for the ham (ham) to grip it firmly.

Regarding the knives you will need two types, a ham knife is long and flexible and the other short and rigid that we will only use to cut the external crust.

Put a plate near the ham for depositing each one of the slices and, once you finish the ham, don't throw away the bone because you can use it to make broths, soups or other dishes that have a lot of flavor.

And finally, and not least important, choose a good ham, as can be ham dehesa Extremadura, to enjoy a single dish.


How to cut a ham

The first thing you need to do is place the leg of ham in the holder, the hoof should be facing downwards.

Now, grab the short knife and make some cuts to remove the skin and the fat yellow, this way we will have direct access to the part of the ham. Do not peel completely, simply calculate what you are going to cut and remove about two inches as maximum as it keeps it from drying out.

To get cut some thin slices, start cutting from the top down in horizontal by placing the knife flat and straight, cutting it gently but firmly.

If you make slices small, begins on the court where you finished to achieve a flat surface.


Once you are finished with this part, of which I advise you to try to take advantage to the fullest, we give the spin to the leg of ham and return to perform the same steps that we carried out until now.

What recommendations would you add to make a good cut of ham?