&are you;D’nde to recommend and search for reviews on restaurants?

Would you like to share with the users what are your experiences in a specific restaurant, what are your favorite places and what dishes are which one should not miss the typical gastronomy of an particular place?

beevoz restaurante madrid

Sure, on occasion I have been the same to me, you get to a certain city and don't know what restaurant or bar to choose to eat or drink something because you do not know the area or the same can happen in the area where you live because we do not know all the corners, At least I don't!

The same thing happens when you do a bit of tourism, and want to be able to try out this place through all the senses and, without a doubt, can not miss the palate Who can recommend what typical dish is that of an area and where they prepare it the traditional way?

Well, the answer is simple, you. If we don't share every one of us what are our experiences and opinions about the typical dishes of the area and the restaurants because they can hardly know the others.

Probably you are wondering what is all this?

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Well, because it would not be the first time that I find myself in this situation of what restaurant to go to, and because I just found an online platform that is called Beevoz where you can share your own experiences, not only of the cuisine in question or the restaurants, your cooking recipes, but you can also talk about your views on culture, science, technology, economy and a long etcetera.

To give you an idea, the photos that I show are from the articles of other users in Beevoz from an article of “A romantic restaurant for dinner in Madrid” to the “recipe of Apple Crumble

And the sharing of experiences also speaks of to be able to earn awards, because the rest of the readers will be the ones that decide if your article is good or not, and that translates into prestige, and the prestige translates into prizes ranging from cash to travel, press passes, consoles..

Each time I am more convinced that gastronomy is a world of possibilities in all areas Or not?