&are you;you Want a town good for this christmas?

What is it that you like to do in these days of christmas? The majority tend to return to the people, our land and our origins, but there are people who do not have people to turn to so that Aquarius returns to relaunch his campaign, “Peoples” Who would not want to live in a town good?


Aquarius People

One of the things that I like to return to the people is the food, there is nothing like trying to make a good caldo gallego and go down to the garden to put a few cabbages fresh, go in the morning to take the eggs from the chickens or turn on the wood stove to cook to fire slow, unhurried, enhancing all the flavors.

These are some of the things that I like to be able to return home And what about you? Secure that one doesn't have people but Aquarius offers us the adoption by which we all have the right and possibilities to enjoy unique places, unique cuisine and unforgettable moments.

On this occasion, Aquarius renews the campaign of “Peoples” to talk about the possibility of having a house in a small town well to participate in their new promotion.


Do you want a house in a town good?

The new campaign of Aquarius is presented in an interactive way in which you'll be able to know what people think of the towns you visit (do not miss the video that we present at the end of the article, leaving the two ladies incredibly adorable you are the living image of the women of the village).

To enter the draw of the house in the town well you can register on the website and have a good time with the new online game presented to us. In it you'll need to create your own avatar with which you will have to pass tests typical of the work of peoples such as:

  • Pick up and accumulate eggs from hens on a daily basis.

  • Storing and stacking bales of straw in a wheelbarrow without the stack falling

  • Your avatar will need to complete a recipe.


As you go beating the tests you'll be able to get the most points that result in more entries for the sweepstakes, with a maximum of 5.

In addition, if you register in “Village School Aquarius,” a professor of the most peculiar will explain how you can do it.