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The gnocchi are a kind of pasta originally from Italy that are prepared basically with potatoes or flour and filled with vegetables, meat or ricotta cheese.

Ñoquis de papa

There are a number of ways to prepare gnocchi and also vary the ingredients in their various preparations. Here's a recipe very simple to prepare gnocchi potato home the 29th of the month, in the company of a delicious sauce nicely spicy and of intense flavor.


For the dough
700 grams of potatoes
2 eggs
150 grams of wheat flour 0000
200 grams of parmesan cheese pre-grated

For the sauce
3 tablespoons great olive oil
1 onion
1 kg of tomatoes cherry
4 cloves of garlic
300 grams of sorpresatta
Black pepper to taste
Finely chopped parsley
Grated cheese


To develop mass, you must first cook the potatoes unpeeled in a dish, previously salted with coarse salt in the oven at 180ºC. Once you are ready, remove from the oven and peel them. When the potatoes are warm, pisarlas until you obtain a puree and leave to cool aside.

When the mashed potato is cold, add the eggs and mix until homogeneous. Add gradually the flour and go alternating with the grated parmesan cheese. Combine all ingredients to form a ball, without kneading.

Flour the surface on which it is going to work and arrange the dough, stretching it to form cylinders. Cut small cubes with a knife and give it forms spherical or oval. Press the center of the spheres with the thumb, forming a hole. Leave the gnocchi apart.

To prepare the chutney, place it in a pan with olive oil , heat the onion cut. Add the cherry tomato, the chopped garlic and the sorpresatta previously cut in slices. Add the ground black pepper in the amount needed. Skip the preparation and incorporate the parsley and the grated cheese.

Cook the pasta in a pot with plenty of boiling water with salt. Once it is ready, add it to the pan to saltearla slightly. Serve hot, bathed in sauce and sprinkled with grated cheese.

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