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I bring you a recipe of an apple Pie very easy to make and with an amazing result let's see what you think!

tarta facil manzana

We can find many recipes for apple tarts, some more elaborate than others or with different textures, today I bring you a recipe from my aunt Puri that is incredibly simple to prepare and that is excellent.

On this occasion, has prepared in a wood-fired oven so that the cooking has been done for more time and is a bit more complicated to control the heat, hence some part of the apple has been a little more toasted, but we also have a trick to avoid this that I will have at the end.

receta tarta manzana

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  • A glass of milk (250 ml)
  • A glass of sugar*
  • A cup of flour
  • Four eggs
  • 3 apples reinetas
  • Butter
  • Apricot jam

*approximate, you can check it in less quantity.


We have two ways to prepare this recipe:

  • In a tall container, put all the ingredients, except the apples. Stir briskly or use a electric rods to which os is more simple that there is no lump.
  • Or, in a container, something to put the sugar with the eggs and beat until double the volume. Then, add the milk and stir until well integrated, then add the sifted flour and continue stirring to avoid any lump.

As soon as we have reservations the container and put the oven to preheat to a temperature of 180 degrees.

You peel the reinetas or the apple that you have chosen and cut in slices as if it were for a potato omelette. Viérte an apple and a half, approximately, in the container and stir it as if you were making a tortilla.Vuelcas in a container previously greased with butter and decorate it with the rest of the apple that you have left over, always placing an apple slice on a piece of the previous.

tarta manzana

Will depend on the oven but we can tell you that it will take more or less cohere around 40 minutes. If at any time you see that the apple begins to acquire a golden brown, grab a bit of aluminum foil, the cover above and go back to putting it in the oven.

When there are 10 minutes, check on top of apples a light layer of apricot jam that will give you shine and a touch of delicious flavor.

tarta manzana facil

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