Cupcakes coconut


To prepare you for these small and delicious delicacies of coconut I Turn on the oven that we are already with the cupcakes!

cupcake coco

Took a lot of time with a craving for coconut and it was already weeks not prepared any cupcake, so this weekend I have not been able to resist turning on the oven and after searching for a recipe on the blog of Alma “Target Cupcake perfect“I have found a cupcakes in coconut and I have put hands to the work.

To see what you think because, as she says, " they Are of death!

cupcake de coco

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Cupcakes coconut:

  • 2 eggs
  • 115 grams of butter
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • 120 ml of milk
  • 175 grams of flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 60 gr of grated coconut

For the frosting or buttercream:

  • 100 grams of cream cheese
  • 55 grams of butter
  • 200 gr of icing sugar


In a tall bowl, mix the butter at room temperature with the sugar and the eggs for several minutes until you see a cream dense and homogeneous. Add the milk to the cream and continue stirring until it is well integrated. Put the oven to preheat to a temperature of 180°.

Incorporate the flour sifted together with the yeast and stir until you have a uniform dough without any lump. Finally, add the grated coconut and continue stirring.

masa magdalenas

Put the capsules in the muffin molds and rellénalos a 3/4 and you put it in the oven for 20 minutes.


When the cups of coco are made, you can kick them over a little syrup (sugar water) and place them on a wire rack until cool.


When you see that they are cold prepararas the frosting, whisking until you get the desired texture which should be rather dense. Put the frosting in a pastry bag and recubres mary magdalene with the way you want to.

cucpake coco

To decorate and increase the saborcito to coconut, I sprinkled with a little coconut over the top.


And just unmold...


Take a spoon...


And enjoy...

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