Discover Galicia in the Restaurant Ponteareas


We present to you the typical dishes of galician cuisine that we have been able to taste in the Restaurant Ponteareas.


Few days ago we received the invitation to the tasting of a menu in the Restaurant, Ponteareas Madrid and yesterday we went to see if the reputation, justice was served. In this article I want he described as was our passage through the Restaurant, from the ambiance and the decor, the treatment with the client and one of the essential aspects, the quality of the product and of the kitchen.

Decoration and treatment of the client

The decor of the restaurant has changed relatively recently, we could call it as a restaurant which combines the modernity of the decoration with traditional dishes from Galicia and other specialties of galicia.

restaurante ponteareas

The first sensation, nothing more to get in the door, is that it is a place where you want to stay, cozy and intimate, we might say, and with a decoration cared until the minimum detail. Just see the lamps and the combination of lights that has been chosen to realize it.

decoracion restaurante ponteareas

The deal with the customer I have to tell you that unbeatable, it is my humble opinion as a customer and diner. As you enter the restaurant there is already a person to assist you, gives you your time to choose among so many treats and as soon as you have decided, by art of magic is at your side to take note.

restaurante ponteareas gallego

By sum it up in few words, a treatment polite, friendly, attentive, and dare I say perfect.

Tasting menu

To drink... we Had a difficult task to select a wine from among the many galician broths of an amazing quality but as it could not be otherwise, as I heard the word “Albariño” I knew that was mine.

albariño ponteareas

Served at the perfect temperature, cool but not cold, with all the aromas and flavors enhanced, perfect for pairing any dish that brought us.

Those of us who have followed you on twitter, sure that read something like “As my father calls it, until the olives are good in a galician restaurant” and if we talk about bread...

pan gallego

As an appetizer along with the wine they brought us some olives stuffed with pepper and a snack of Cock pickled that I do not have words for he described all the sensations that came to my mind. The truth is that I had never tried it and am looking forward to testing myself at home.

gallo escabechado

While degustábamos we had to choose which dishes on the menu we wanted to know, absolute madness, because everything sounded great, so we let ourselves be advised by the waitress that we attended and we just enjoying these dishes:

Anchovies, accompanied by Bread Glass. What can you say of an anchovy? Sensational.

anchoas con pan cristal

A croquette policeman, with a white sauce, soft fried your point, no fat, and a batter is crispy with a police station that my mother.

croquetas de carabineros

croquetas carabineros

Tortilla paisana with peas, chorizo and ham. Check in the perfect spot in which it is not curdled completely, but neither the liquid egg appears. Served in a beautiful small frying pan... As I was saying, everything, down to the smallest detail.

tortilla paisana

tortilla paisana restaurante ponteareas

Octopus a feira. What would be a galician restaurant without a good cover, octopus a feira? The octopus cooked in its point, accompanied by some boiled potatoes and rehogadas with paprika and oil.

pulpo a feira

Chaps galician. Tender meat, sautéed with mushrooms and a delicious sauce that gave the taste to moisten the bread, it, is or is not well seen, with delicacies like that one forgets or does not care.

carrillada restaurante ponteareas

Filloas gallegas filled with cream and served with ice cream. The pancakes were fried up crispy but without having nothing fat, with a perfect blend with the cream and the ice cream with a dot of cinnamon which was a world of sensations in the palate.

filloas de crema con helado