ElPozo Extratiernos

With the name of “ElPozo Extratiernos” presented to us, ElPozo, its new range of products of meat much more tender and juicy thanks to the unique process of marinating and the selection of the best raw materials that are sourced from their own farms. Among the products that you will find in the range are: pork Chops loin of pork, fillet of pork, veal, ... do you Want to know the new range of products ElPozo?

ElPozo Extratiernos

The new range of products ElPozo extratiernos is a selection of the best meat, tender and juicy, thanks to the process of the marinated and the selection of the best raw materials that are sourced from their own farms. A range of products that are healthy and rich in which we can find: Escalopín loin of pork, fillet of pork, veal, turkey breast, among others, which is ideal for both elderly as well as for small.


The duel of “ElPozo Extratierno”

It doesn't stop there, because to promote the products, ElPozo, has created the duel of “ElPozo Extratiernos”. A challenge that will pit cooks most recognized of the Cooking Channel. During 5 programs, with a release date of February 25th, of a duration of 20 minutes these two cooks, Diana Cabrera, and Julius BIernert, will compete with their dishes in a duel, in which the star product will be the “Extratiernos of ElPozo”.

Every time you start the program, the chefs, will open a box in which are the products of the range of Extratiernos that will be used in the competition, in addition to a number of common ingredients in all kitchens. In just a few minutes, 20 to be exact, will have to produce a prescription, each one of the cooks, and defend it from all the tele-visionaries.

In addition you'll be able to access www.elpozoextratiernos.com. Where you'll find, on Tuesday, the videos of the duels of the Cooking Channel for that votes, in addition to fantastic recipes based on the Extratiernos of ElPozo. Also, among all those who participate in the voting on their website, bypass 10 pack of products weekly.