Kitchen helper: The reinvention of the Minipimer 7

Small appliances are essentials in the kitchen to get great results. Today I talk about the launch of a new product from Braun.

braun montaje

Appliances have made life in the kitchen without so let's enjoy home-made food, healthy and tasty. A blender, a grinder or a electric rods help us to get whatsoever kind, resulting excellent in a short time and I am sure that you yourselves have also appreciated the change of having to do it by hand or with a food mill to do this with a blender, right?

In this video you will be able to see the presentation of the new Minipimer 7, Braun and the differences it presents to other previous products of the same house or in respect of other brands of appliances.

A long time ago the Blender became the object more revolutionary than you could see in the kitchen, an appliance that facilitated and reduced the time of cooking. What in his day was something unusual and surprising, today it has become a tool that we need in our kitchens to enjoy, no matter whether you are an amateur or an expert chef, we all have at our disposal a blender.


Features Minipimer 7

The characteristics that define the Blender 7 is the blend of technology with the qualities needed in the kitchen, with the touch. In this sense, we find a household appliance that has Technology, Smartspeed , which translates into a single button that is able to regulate all speeds and it works according to the pressure put on him (more pressure, more speed).

The power of a blender is essential but also the design of the same as if we find ourselves with a mixer and difficult to manage, by very nice it is, or all the power in the world that you have, we will find ourselves with an appliance useless. This doesn't happen to the new Minipimer 7.


It is essential that you also have different possibilities of accessories to facilitate the work in the kitchen, is not the same shred fruits or vegetables that the ice.