Pears in alm’bar

Are you thinking of making some kind of special dessert, sweet and easy? Today at Taste Gourmet we tell you in detail how you can make some pears in the syrup in a few steps.

One of the best things about the syrup is that you can prepare it in retains to consume it when you like, this way when you put a day to make this recipe you can make quite a lot and share it with your relatives or consuming it in other occasions when there is no time to cook, or why not! With an unexpected visit.

Pears in alm’bar

The ingredients that today we propose are intended for four people but variadlos according to taste and the hunger of the diners.


  • 1 lemon chubby
  • 2 twigs of cinnamon
  • 4 pears large or 6 medium-sized
  • 500 grams of sugar
  • 3 glasses of water


The first step will be to put a container with water and a lemon juice. Then, peel the pears, pártelas in half and límpialas on the inside, that is to say, removes the seeds from its interior. Once you have done this place them in the container so it does not harden.

Put a saucepan of water to a boil, insert the pears in and let it do during the less than a minute. Then put them to drain so that it will lose the liquid but do not throw the water!

With the water that is in the pan, prepare the syrup, all you have to do is add the sugar, two sticks of cinnamon, the peel of the lemon, which you must always be careful that you do not have the white part to not agríe the sweet, in the event that this occurs, just scrape the skin to go all white.

Pears in alm’bar

Let it cook the water with all the ingredients for a minimum of 5 minutes, which passed by the time you remove the peel of the lemon and the cinnamon.

Once you have done, the only thing that remains is to put the pears in the container you will use for the presentation, be it a dessert plates or drinks nice and poured over the pears to the syrup. You can use sticks of cinnamon for garnish.

If you're thinking of making the pears in syrup preserved, the steps are the same only that instead of placing the pears in the glasses or dishes, enter them in the glass jars that you thought for them and when you have the syrup viértelas on them.

Then, you close the jars and let it boil in the water bath for approximately 15 minutes, then you will be ready to eat when you want!