Recipe contest “The rich €uro”

Today we echo of a new cooking contest that can be simple and interesting, as the participants can win both lots of products from Knorr as kitchen kits Le Creuset. Knorr_lote

One of the things that I drew the attention of this contest, were not the prizes (although they are incredibly suggestive) but the proposal, which had been behind all of this under the slogan of the first challenge “The rich €uro”.

We are many people that we stopped in front of the open refrigerator or pantry and we were thinking about, day after day, what to prepare to eat and, be honest how many times have you finished preparing something different and unusual?

In the majority of cases and more often that I'd like to deny it, I just making the same dishes and although innovo, is something that I allow myself for special moments.

For all those who pass this, in the page of Facebook of Knorr the chef Jaume Drudis has put image to the initiative, “Today I do not mess!”, through this medium shares simple recipes that you can prepare in your home and one of the most interesting aspects in times of crisis, is that they are economic.

How to participate

Jaime Dudris will pose new challenges, in this moment, is “The rich €uro” that encourages users to send us your own recipes that have that have a cost of less than a euro per serving.

Despite the fact that we have associated with great flavors and good kitchen with a large outlay of money, we can enjoy the kitchen and all its flavors without the need to spend so much money, you can eat and enjoy as never before with dishes easy, tasty and economical.

And you know, all that participate can win a lot of products from Knorr or a kitchen kit from Le Creuset valued at 500 euros.